Previous Projects

Flow Show Chicago with Jess Mardini

In 2016 Jess Mardini and Megan LeAnne Smith collaborated in an innovative and thought-provoking performance piece. This piece combined performance poetry and circus arts with emotional depth, attention to detail, and stunning moments of thoughtful and elegant choreography.
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The Scrambled Megs

Exploring the stages of the Universe, The Scrambled Megs captivated all audiences with one part poised elegance and one part rugged determination. The team was comprised of two seasoned performance artists, Megan 'Stone Fox' McCutchen and Megan 'Sati Flow' Smith. The team was featured at numerous local and national events including The Wilson County Fair, Destination Imagination, American Daredevil, and Beyond Wings Circus.

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Body Language Project

Shelby Gordon Art and Photography and Megan LeAnne Smith created a poignant juxtaposition between the language of movement and the movement of language. This series of photography and poetry seeks to explore the relationship between verbal, emotional, and physical language.
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