Once I delved into [Megan’s work], I was met with nostalgia — innocence finds body, which finds self. And self finds trauma on the way to womanhood, which is all a part of the identity of the body, as in[ward]. A shocking rite of passage that reveals “how we grow but also/how we stay.” Furthermore, what I found in this work was home residing in the body. Finding home and it being a wavelength — a constant up and down, between self and the body and the lesson.
— Taria Person, creative writer and educator

Megan LeAnne Smith is queer feminist, creative writer, teaching artist and performer from Nashville, TN.  She has performed alongside numerous local, national, and international organizations including Floyd Fest, American Daredevil, Beyond Wings CircusImagine Festival and  Destination Imagination. Her writing has appeared or is forthcoming in Talking Writing, The Flowers Center, Meat for Tea: The Valley ReviewThe Write Launch and Versify Podcast. She is the winner of MTSU Collage's 'Best Poem' Fall 2015. She is sponsored by Ebb & Flow Hoop Co. (use code "SATIFLOW" for a 10% discount). Currently, Megan serves a as a poet mentor for Southern Word, Nashville's non-profit teaching arts organization, empowering youth to act as leaders in their community through literacy, performance, and spoken word. 


Vince Romanelli 2017 at Cirque Noir